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Are you fed up of paying for Template Clubs and not getting the templates you need for you and your business? 

Forget Wasting On Money Template Clubs. Get Over 1,575,000 Template Options For You To Explode Your Client Base And Be Able To Sell Personalized Videos To Anyone - Instantly.  

Now You Can Generate Exactly The Templates YOU Need, Exactly When You Need Them! (Worth $142,750!)

ZERO Video Experience Needed

Tailor Made Templates That Suit You And Your Business 

Limitless Supply - Not Restricted to a Certain Amount Per Month 

No More Wasting Money On Templates You’re Not Going To Use 

Includes A Set Of Done-For-You Niche Scripts 

Flexible And Easy Editing 

Fast Creation 

Unlimited Creations - The Only Limit Is Your Imagination  

Dear Valued GO Entrepreneur,  

Congratulations on your investment in yourself with your purchase of GO today.  

The immense power of personalized SmartVideo marketing is now your hands.  

In just a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to create jaw-dropping personalized videos with minimum effort and maximum results.  

Now you’ve got it - you want to be able to make as much money from it as possible right?  

 So JUST before you get started -


I get it. You’re sick of Template Clubs.  

Ever joined a template club and only ever got just one or two templates that suited you and your business? They might make awesome templates, but they’re not for YOU. They don’t fit YOUR niche or work for your business.  

It's a waste of money. We get it.  

 THAT Is Why GO's Latest Innovation Is Shaking Up Your Entire World. 

Just Imagine If You Could Generate Your Own Ideal Template At The Drop Of A Hat. 

To perfectly suit your business or that client that is eagerly waiting there to hand over cash to you.  

ZERO video experience needed and all it takes is just a couple of clicks...

Or How About Over 1,575,000 Templates?!

  The great news is that 60% of marketers and small business owners say they plan to increase their investment in Video Marketing this year... And that means a huge opportunity for you to cash in selling your personalized Videos.  

But here’s the bad news: You’re going to be a victim of your own success.  

When businesses see the results that personalized Go videos give them -  

They’ll be clamouring over themselves to give you $500, $1,000 even $2,000 to get these sort of results for themselves.  

And you’re going to have to have a video that will suit them.  

  We WANT your Personalized Video Empire to last and to flourish. We know you do too!  

And there’s one really simple way we can make sure it always does -  

Where you’ll get MORE clients and be able to charge MUCH more for your services!  


GO’s Template Generator 

Fast. Easy. Flexible. Unlimited. The Instant Template Creation Tool For People Who Don’t Get Enough Value Out Of Template Clubs  

 With Over 450+ Pure Quality Base Level Videos + Over 70+ Different Niche Scripts + Over 50+ Different Audio Tracks = AN ALMOST LIMITLESS SET OF TEMPLATES.  


And it's not going to stop there...we're going to be adding to these all the time...  

So you'll NEVER run out of templates...  

Never run out of clients...  

And most importantly...  


Need a template for you?  


Need a template FAST? 




Need a template for a client?  


So obliterate all the restrictions of a Template Club and open up a world of unlimited templates AND unlimited profits with GO’s Template Generator.  

Here’s Exactly How It Works:

STEP #1: Choose A Base Video From Over 450+ Quality Videos

STEP #2: Insert A Done-For-You Niche Script From Over 70+ Expertly Written Scripts. (Or Simply Add Your Own Text)

STEP #3: Customize Your Audio From Over 50+ Sales Boosting Audio Tracks

STEP #4: Create And Publish

And BOOM! One perfect suits-you template, created in a matter of minutes!  

Let’s See It Working In Action: 

(Check out just how easy and fast it is!)

See how easy that was? Watch the result >>>


Over 450+ Pure Quality Base Level Videos  

Simply use our professionally filmed, bespoke base videos as a starting point for your template creation. Just put in a keyword of the kind of base video you'd like to find - there's something for your every need, anytime. Pure high quality footage designed and curated by our expert in-house design team.  

With over 450+ base videos and expanding all the time, you'll never run out of videos you can make.  

Which means limitless videos for you. Limitless videos for your clients... And LIMITLESS PROFITS FOR YOU. 

Over 70+ Different Niche Scripts Perfectly Crafted To Convert

With so many to choose from, you'll always find a perfectly written script direct from our conversion experts to perfectly suit your needs. Simply use our already high-converting video scripts to bring leads directly to your CTA and increase your conversions for you or your clients. 

Over 50+ Different Audio Tracks Designed To Create THE Perfect Atosphere To Sell.

 As we all know, music can stir up the perfect emotion to make us feel the every emotion. When you listen through previews of our especially selected audio tracks - you will instantly know which one is going to create the perfect atmosphere for your video - that is going to make your prosects click, sign up and buy.needs 

And With An Ever Expanding Library Of Base Videos, Niche Scripts And Audio Tracks, As Your Needs And Clients Expand, So Will Your Collection.

We’ve Paid For The Best So You Don’t Have To.

We’ve blown the budget and employed

the best media designers to create your stunning, eye-catching base videos &  

the best copywriters to create your high-converting done-for-you niche video scripts.  

In other words, we’ve done all the hard work, so you don’t have to. We’ve footed the bill (and it’s NOT cheap!) so you don’t have to pay out of your earnings.  

And we’ll keep expanding both our videos and our niche scripts all the time so you’ll always have fresh inspiration to create fresh new templates to use for yourself, to go out there and sell to a wider range of people and make more profit. 

If You Were To Buy These Assests Yourself - You'd Better Have At Least $142,750 To Spare...

We meant it when we said it's not cheap. To get quality footage like the video that's included in our base videos - you'd have to fork out at least $300 (and more like $1,000 if you get it from somewhere like Getty.  

Then you've got our expertly written niche video scripts, expertly crafted by our top level copywriters. These will set you back at least $100 each. (And don't think you can get anything of this quality from Fiverr!)  

And our specially selected audio tracks - with full rights to use whenever and however you like will easily set you back $150 each.  

And that's us being conservative with our figures.  

That's Base Videos: 450 x $300 = + Niche Video Scripts 70 x $100 = + Audio Tracks 50 x $150 =  

Total = $142,750  

And that's just for starters!  

Your Template Generator is ever expanding - adding new base videos, niche scripts and audio tracks all the time!  

So you'll always have the perfect template for you or your clients - no matter their demands. 

GO’s Template Generator Helps You Create A Never-ending Supply Of Templates That Perfectly Fit Your Business And Your Clients  

Which means:

You NEVER run out of personalized videos to sell.

Your profits are as limitless as your templates. 

And when you get in right now, you can get GO’s Template Generator for a MASSIVE discount.  

If You Click Off This Page, Access To The Template Generator Will Rise To $67 Per Month

And There’s No Going Back. 

This offer is available on this page only. Once you click off, you will lose the opportunity to unlock your access to the Template Generator for this generous discount forever.  

So do yourself a favor, save yourself 44% and $30 per month. That’s $360 a year!  

What are you going to spend your $360 on?  

One more thing: There is USUALLY a one-off joining fee of $297 to join the GO Template Generator. However, for just for this exclusive launch period ONLY we will waive the fee for you smart new GO Entrepreneurs. Saving you an extra $297 today!  

On top of that 44% you’re going to save every single month. 

Just Imagine How Good It Will Feel When You Bag That Brand New Client

The brilliant truth is just ONE EXTRA CLIENT buying a personalized video from you can EASILY pay for your membership for a whole 12 months or maybe even the next 5 years.  

Without The Ability To Create New, Fresh, Up To Date Niche Templates, You Run The Risk Of ... 

Running out of clients... 

Leaving your business out of date.  

Getting swallowed up by the competition (Who will steal your sales)  

And seriously restricting the amount of people you can sell your personalized videos to!  

(Without new templates - you will simply run out of people you can sell them on to)  

And just imagine when that happens after your initial success and you and your family have got used to that extra income.  

And splashing out that little bit extra on the things that are important to you.  

When the clients dry up.  

 NOBODY wants that.  

So let’s make sure that never happens. 

 And the easiest and most cost effective way of doing this is to click the Buy Now button to get in at the lowest monthly rate we will offer.  

Remember, this is NOT a Template Club.

You’re never going to sit here wondering and hoping that one of those templates in next month’s release is going to suit you and your business. Wishing and hoping is a thing of the past.

Now you are in charge of your destiny.  

Now you're in complete control of your business.  

Now how much you profit - is up to you. 

You can’t go wrong.

SO obliterate all the restrictions of a Template Club and open up a world of over 1,575,000 templates AND LIMITLESS profits right now. 

Go Upgrade 1 - Template Generator