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With an entire library of MIND-BLOWINGLY perfect CTAs crafted by our expert designers to attract, convince, and convert. 

We all know there’s no such thing as a successful marketing campaign without an effective CTA. Michael Aagaard of Unbounce calls the CTA the “tipping point between bounce and conversion.”  

If you want to make sure you have more conversions than bounces, the GO CTA Library tips the odds in your favor.  

Your GO CTA Library is stuffed FULL of CTAs that will make sure your conversions go through the roof. Every CTA in our library has been expertly crafted for perfect conversions with:

Precise Placement

Accomplished Design

Powerful Text

All Of Your Video’s Power Comes Down To Your CTA.

Your user’s action is key.  

A CTA that works consistently is not only a perfect mix of art and science. It’s a route to guaranteed profit and increased conversions.  

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We Have Gone Through the Painstaking Effort To Make Sure That Every CTA In Your Library Is:

Prominent. So that they receive maximum attention and visual focus.  

Recognizable. So that your message doesn’t get lost in a fog of creativity and your CTAs are instantly recognizable as something viewers are meant to click on.  

Well-Defined. With plenty of ‘breathing room’ (or ‘negative space if we’re going to be all technical), stark outlines, shadows and contrasting colors to define and add appeal.  

Striking. Your CTA must stand out; it should call out “Hey, I’m here, you know you wanna’ click me!” to the user.  

Appealing. Our designers have done the hard work, so you don’t have to.Your CTA’s will draw people to them. Colors, image and typeface are expertly mixed together to create appeal.  

Clear. Every CTA in our library has an obvious thrust. The user wants — needs — to know what will happen if he or she clicks your CTA button. Your CTAs will perfectly match what your visitors anticipate. 

Use active verbs. Your CTAs are powerful and motion-oriented. It’s a call to ACTION, after all.  

Communicate Value. You’re asking users to act, so your CTAs make your visitors understand that they’ll get something worthwhile in return. Any action online is an investment of time and effort, so the ROI must be apparent.  

Provide Assurance. Building trust is a MASSIVE part of conversions. Trust signals are just as important in CTAs as they are in VSL scripts and copy.  

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