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Create Stunning Vertical And Square Videos for Social with X-Wave.



Special Offer For First 100 Early Birds ONLY  



Dan here again. 

I know you MUST be getting ALL excited about test-driving X-Wave and creating stunning videos with nothing but a URL.

But what I am about to quickly reveal to you is going to be an eye-opener. 

The Battlefield Has Changed!

You Are Wasting Your Videos if you are NOT uploading them where your audience is… And your audience is NOT on your website or other pages. They ARE on Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media platforms… And also on their SMARTPHONES.  

It’s has been proved beyond any doubts: The majority of social media browsing happens on mobile devices. i.e. 90% of all time spent on social media. (Just look around your local Starbucks!)  

Now I don’t need to tell you that if you want to make real-profits, you HAVE to be where your customers ARE. And Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others in particular are at the forefront of this monumental shift from desktop to mobile.  

And as mobile usage continues to increase year-over-year, your social media and video marketing strategies must evolve along with the expanded use to focus on mobile-first experiences.  

For you, the constant challenge is to make it easier for your audience and customers to consume content when and where they want it. Not when and where it’s convenient for you, but when and where it’s convenient for them.  

And Facebook and Instagram are making it easier than ever for marketers to provide a mobile-first experience.  


Now to help you and your brand to make massive inroads into these hot traffic goldmines. I want to extend YOU an EXCLUSIVE INVITE to join the X-WAVE Agency Upgrade. 



With this UPGRADE You’re Entitled To:

 UNLIMITED Renders Per Month 

 Additional Music Tracks Monthly

Monthly Video & Motion Graphic Designs

Vertical And Square Video Templates


Some Of The Dazzling Video & Motion Graphic Designs AND Vertical And Square Video Templates You’ll Get 


Vertical Video Templates 

Over one billion people use the vertical video format on Facebook-owned properties like Instagram and WhatsApp alone — and even YouTube has now embraced vertical video on the web and mobile.  

Vertical video is on the rise – and YOU can’t afford to ignore it much longer! When it comes to mobile phone use, vertical is king.  

Vertical Videos Are Today Indispensable – At least These Brands Think So!  

It’s fascinating to see some huge brands jumping aboard the vertical video train. This includes Adidas…  


And the makers of the movie Mad Max Fury Road, who commissioned a vertical film trailer to reach the mobile audience…  


And Netflix who has included vertical videos as more than 50% of their viewers engage with the platform via their mobile device.  

Make no mistake: These companies are giants. They spend enormous amounts of money on marketing, they have industry-leading professionals at the helm and they don’t make many mistakes. If they’re investing in vertical video, you can be pretty sure it’s a really important investment. 

Vertical videos are also killing it when it comes to reach, unique views, click-throughs, swipe-throughs, ad recall and completions.  

With X-Wave Agency Upgrade you can now create vertical videos without any complications [i.e. still only with a URL] in a matter of minutes.  

Square Video Templates 

The old saying goes, “Don’t be a square!” That may still be true…unless you’re talking about social video.  

Doesn’t matter how your viewing screen is oriented, a square video takes up a LOT of on-screen real estate. So, when a square video appears in a user’s feed. It stands out as a big, visual draw. 


 Numbers don’t lie…  

Square videos get:  

  • 275% more views 
  • 482% more shares 
  • 523% more comments 
  • 349% more reactions  

Also, on the costs-side:  

It costs 7.5% less to get someone to engage with square video on Facebook.  

And a whopping 33% less to get someone to engage with square video on Instagram.  

Square video takes up 78% more real estate on your mobile newsfeed than does landscape video.  

With X-Wave Agency Upgrade you can crank out dazzling Square videos in just seconds and leverage ALL the Social Media traffic on mobile.  

 Motion Graphic Designs For Boosting Engagement 

Create an EXPERIENCE!  

A motion graphics video is best suited for you if your brand favors sophisticated visual design.  

And the great thing about motions graphics is that you can make it look consistent with your visual branding pretty easily. The color scheme, the look of each element, and the flow of animation can all be tweaked and customized until your video looks and feels exactly right.  

Such designs play a very important role in educating your prospects about the awesomeness of your offer without putting them to sleep.  

Do not be afraid to generate additional buzz around your brand. Creating memorable stories now is far much easier than you have thought. X-Wave team of professional designers and animators will create 3 stunning video and motion graphic designs for you every month.  


Additional Music Tracks Every Month  

The X-Wave built-in premium music library has 10 tracks.  

But with X-Wave Agency we instantly add 10 more high-quality music tracks to it. And we keep adding 10 more tracks month after month.  

These tracks are carefully chosen by team of marketers to set the right tone and feel to your video.  

  Here are few more places where you can go and buy music:

  • Epidemic Sound – Pricing starts at $124/year 
  • AudioBlocks - start at $99/year 
  • IncompeTech - starting at $20 per piece 
  • Bensound – for $129 per year  

But with X-Wave Agnecy you save on all the money and the headache by making it super easy to quickly find just the right music for your video.

Unlimited Renders Per Month 

That’s a massive UPGRADE than the other X-Wave members.  

When you start creating videos with X-Wave, you are sure to run out the 20 renders in a day or two. Add to that the fact that you have also got access to the Commercial License as a part of this special launch.  

Now, when you start selling these videos at $100s each, very quickly you are going to need more renders than just the 20 allowed as a part of the main offer. 

So, when you upgrade today, we 500X the number of renders you can make… helping you 500X the profits you’d be making.  

My Team And I Are Fully-Behind YOU!

To Help You Make Breathtaking Videos Using X-Wave Aimed At MAXIMIZING Results On Social Media


This Offer Is Open To The First 100 Early Birds ONLY! 

After we run through the allotted 100 Membership spots, we are going to create a wait list for the next 25 members that try to get access. In the case that you cancel, your spot would be offered to the first person in the list. So, once you cancel, you can’t get it back at these low launch special prices.  

We are currently in the process of integrating this offer as an upgrade from within the X-Wave dashboard. That would take another couple of months. Anyone who could not get in NOW, can get it later from inside the dashboard.  

Warning – The price (if you decide to get later) would be $197 per month. No yearly subscription would be permitted.

And Now, How Much Is It Going To Cost You? 

Well, I want you to know that everything I promise you on this page, I stand firmly behind it.  

VideoRemix is a well-known brand and we make no compromises on our commitments.  

So, when I tell you the price of this upgrade you might think there’s a catch and that there are some hidden costs am not telling you about or may be after a week or so, you’d get a mail from my team informing you that the price has been suddenly increased significantly. (And that in our Terms and Conditions somewhere we reserve the right to do that to you!).  

But let me assure you none of that is going to happen. The price is what it is on this page right now. I guarantee you that.  

Take a look at it (I know you’d be smiling the very next second…) 

X-Wave Agency Upgrade - Monthly
X-Wave Agency Upgrade - Yearly