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Get VIP Access To Our Guerrilla Sales System

*** Strictly Restricted To A Select 50 New X-Wave Members ONLY ***  

We have developed and use ONLY this system to make profits for ourselves. 


  Dan from VideoRemix

Hey there,  

Dan here again for the one last time before you access X-Wave and start creating profitable professional videos using only URLs.  

You are here because you have been chosen by our newly developed algorithm to have an exclusive invite extended to you to join our Secret Guerrilla Sales System.  

This is the exact same system we have developed to make recurring profits for ourselves. It includes some very high-value assets and resources that we use to generate profits every month. It is undeniably the holy-grail to profits for the VideoRemix company.  

Every now and then, as a final step to a special launch we extend an invite to ONLY 50 chosen new members to join. I must warn you, the 50 spots are generally filled within 30-45 minutes. So make sure you act as soon as you are done reading the information on this page.

 So, lets dive right into it.  



Access For ONLY 50 New X-Wave Customers!


With the Guerrilla Sales System You’ll Get Unrestricted Access To:  

“One-Click-Join” to LinkedIn Groups  

Welcome to the gold-mine. There’s a reason why we like to call this Area 51.  

These are multiple groups of very targeted and frequent high-value potential clients. 

They value their time and are not interested in buying and trying products that are not up to certain standards and are guaranteed to help them grow their business.  

A Captivating Intro Video For The Groups  

Now when you enter these groups, we want to make sure that you enter with a bang!! We will help you create a first impression that will instantly establish you as an authority in your niche.  

Instantly these potential customers would be eager to look at what you have to offer to help them grow their business to new heights.  


4-Week Posting Schedule With Messages And Videos  

We will help you warm up your prospective clients in the group. To be an active member and seller in these groups you need to constantly keep posting high-value content.  

And to create a solid following for you brand you need to be on top of your customers mind for the first few weeks. Once you do that they will recognize and put a high value to your brand sub-consciously.  

Killer Powerpoint Presentation & Proposal

Real Estate is one of the biggest niches and a high-priced one at that. The kind of money these guys make on every sale or leasing contract is INSANE… and the kind of money they are ready to spend on anything (especially videos) that help them close a client is EQUALLY INSANE!  

Just get set up a Zoom or Skype meeting where you can present these DFY slides highlighting your business and the awesme results they can expect from working with you and your secret weapon, X-Wave. 

The Winning Webinar Outline

This is your ticket to the Big Boys League. The webinar outline we are going to give you access to has been specially curated by our marketing and sales team based on years of experience in crushing webinar sales.


DFY Agency Landing Pages

This is the digital media mecca for any business and we have created these landing pages specifically with the digital agency, video agency and entrepreneur in mind. They are fully customizable and adaptable to your brand, These pages were created by our experienced team of marketers so take your pick!  

Promotional Social Media Material  

Make your audience want to know more with these highly engaging and attratctive social media templates. Everything done-for-you, you just need to insert your logo and campaign message and you're off!


What Can Be A Price-Tag That Is Justified On Such Hand-Picked Super-Profitable Resources… 

These resources, the lists, the groups, the videos, and the posts have taken us years to curate. Countless hours have gone into research. Years of combined expertise of pioneers in the field of Marketing and Design have worked relentlessly to help us create a pool that helps us make profits month after month.  

The VideoRemix team keeps updating the resources. Assets that are not working any longer due to changes in the market trends are replaced by the ones that are working.  

I’ll be honest – the hardest thing to do in the business is to put together a dedicated team to help you keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible for your business. And I am thrilled to be backed by such an amazing team.  

And now this team is ready to work for you. Just today, this incredible opportunity is being presented to you to take your business way beyond what you might have thought would be possible 5 years down the line.  

X-Wave combined with the power of the Guerrilla Sales System is a force to reckon with.  

Join Totally Risk-Free  

We know this system works because we have developed it and invested thousands of dollars and countless hours in it. We have used it and made a fortune already.  

But we do understand this is not exactly your ‘Commonly-Seen’ program. So, to help you take a plunge feeling absolutely safe and secure (and also because we are 100% sure that this will get you amazing results) we are offering you a 30 days money back guarantee. Again no questions asked, no penalties levied, no deduction made. ALL your money back.  

The only thing we urge you to do is follow our lead and do exactly what we tell you to do here with this system. 

X-Wave Guerilla Sales System


Thank you again for taking out the time.  

I hope you take a plunge in this totally risk-free exclusive offer.